Why you choose Us

We do not make this promise to boast or to prove that we are different. We make it so that you, as our client, know what to expect from us.ANS value our clients and want them to trust us as a representative of their organisation.We also like to keep things simple, clear and understandable!So, to our clients we promise that



Prior to the introduction of a potential employee a representative of ANS will have spoken directly to the candidate to assess their interest and their suitability for the role.

Best Output

We Promise to give you the Best Candidate from the industry by Our Practice of Head Hunting and Mapping. It is included in our terms of business and is the basis of all of our actions

Secrets about steps

You will only receive CVs that our Consultants believe are suitable for your company and the vacancy you have..

Clearity about system

Our Consultants understand that they act on behalf of your organization and will work with honesty and integrity.You will be kept updated on the progress of our search at least weekly


Our Features

ANS is the recruitment partner which you would love to have on your list. Our dedication & determination makes us different from others.


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    Ans Placements understands that hiring full time or contract employees is an important investment for your company. We know that every company is unique and we are dedicated to providing our clients with a flexible range of services designed for success and with your budget in mind

  • Permanent Staffing

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    For any Organization, recruiting a new staff represents a major investment in time and resources. Permanent staffing assignments are those when you look to hire people on your payroll on a permanent basis.

  • Temporary Staffing

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    When an organization is hiring staff for a limited period of time, they prefer hiring the staff on a mutually agreed contract. This type if hiring is usually done by IT companies for completing certain projects.

  • Contract Staffing

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    In the Competitive world, every company would want its employees to be the best in the industry. Having a team of certified and experienced corporate trainers, we provide corporate training solutions like process training, product training, soft skills training etc to our clients.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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    Human Resource professionals now a days have many duties other than recruiting talent for their organization which results in a huge slow down in the process of recruitment. We assist such clients by providing this service where in one of our recruiters will make his presence available at the client's premises and recruit talent exclusively for that specific client.

  • Payroll Management

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    In any given organization, Employees should be managed properly and motivated by providing best remuneration and compensation as per the industry standards. We take care of complete process of managing the employee payrolls right from the first step till the last.

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