We understand the importance of finding the right people, which is why we always take the time to go out and meet our clients. We feel this is the only way that we will gain the required understanding of a company, its people and its environment. We focus on genuine understanding, as it allows to help find the perfect candidate.

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For us it is not enough just to help you find an employee; we want to find you the perfect one. So we put clients at the center of our process and place the greatest importance on listening to your requirements before we act. Only once we understand our client's needs can we begin the hunt for talent!Potentially suitable candidates are interviewed by our consultants to ensure they are a right for our client's company, people and environment. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with only genuinely suitable candidates.

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We will manage the recruitment process on your behalf the Three 'S' Sourcing-Schedule-Selection Ans "search & select" approach to recruitment is based on a thorough understanding of our client's needs and helps educate our Consultants on a wide variety of industries and job roles.

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Since we were founded we have enjoyed helping a diverse range of clients and will continue to do so. However, our experience in certain industries has helped us develop a range of specialisms where we believe we can add substantial value during the recruitment process. We focus on BFSI Automobile, Digital & IT, E commerce, FMCG, Consumer Durable, Pharmaceutical , Telecom and Start Ups-Firms...

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Ans referred candidates will always be well prepared for interview and we will take the responsibility for ensuring the interview process is managed smoothly and efficiently. Constructive feedback is passed between you and the candidates and is used as an education experience and we ensure you receive the benefit of our learnings. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect team member but is aware that we will not always be successful. What we can promise is that our team will put your needs first and that you will be valued as a client.


Evaluation of Client Need>>Sourcing Candidates>>Screening Candidates >>Shortlist candidates>>Interviewing Candidates>>Asses the candidates>>Sharing CVs with the Clients>>Scheduling interviews>>Closure>>Negotiation and Offer>>Follow Up and Progress>>On Board


We currently have openings within ANS for smart, dynamic and people-oriented Recruiters for our IT and Non-IT Divisions. Educational Qualification not being the most determinant factor, we are looking to hire Candidates, who think on their feet, have good interpersonal and communication skills and someone who can work in a highly demanding, target-oriented profile as Recruitment.

We are looking at hiring Executives with 0-2 years of work experience. Interested incumbents kindly send your resume to jobs@ansplacements.com and we shall get in touch with you soon enough... .


Ans value our candidates highly and place great importance in ensuring that they are well informed about our vacancies and well prepared to give them the best chance of attaining their dream job.

Our promise to our candidates is that once they are connected with Ans Placements.We support you with any enquiries throughout the recruitment process and Keep you up to date with the progress of any applications that have been made on your behalf also take the time to find out about what you are looking for in your job search and educate you about any opportunities that they believe you are suitable for..


Interview Tips

ANS is the recruitment partner which you would love to have on your list. Our dedication & determination makes us different from others.

  • Put yourself in the interviewers shoes

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    What type of person do you think they are looking for? Take the time to really think about the interview from the interviewer's perspective as it will help you understand what they want. They are investing their time to find a new member of staff for their organisation; you should appreciate that and be sure to thank them even if the job does not turn out to be quite what you want.

  • Research the company

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    Information on companies is readily available and the minimum expectation will be that you have visited the company web page. If you really want to give yourself an advantage you should spend a meaningful amount of time using the web page as a base for research into the company, its people and the market in which it operates

  • Read the job description. Thoroughly!

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    Thorough preparation for an interview is essential and making sure you are familiar with the job description is an important part of this. Firstly, will you be happy in this role? Secondly, which parts of the job are you confident doing and which parts will you need support in? By familiarising yourself with the job description you can pre-empt some of the questions you might be asked and give yourself the best possible interview preparation.

  • Be aware of your weaknesses

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    None of us are perfect and we all have weaknesses! You should be aware of what your weaknesses are in relation to the job you are applying for. For example, you may have the minimum amount of experience required for the job. By being aware of that prior to the interview you can think of a strength that offsets the weakness; enthusiasm and ambition for example

  • Think about the strengths that you want to portray

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    Though none of us are perfect we do all have many strengths! Which of your strengths are the most relevant to the job you are applying for? You may be keen to tell everyone about your amazing sporting ability but that won't be relevant if you are applying for an administrative position! It is unlikely that you have the time to tell the interviewer about ALL of your strengths so make sure you know the 2 or 3 key strengths you want to put across and focus on them.

  • Be clear on what you want to achieve at the interview

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    Too often people focus only on what they want the interviewer to know about them and not on what they want and need to know about the job. Before you go in to an interview you should be clear on what you want to know about the job; for example, the salary, the hours, the working environment and the company's ambitions. As well as giving you the information you need to make your choice, after all you are the one who has to do the job, it will demonstrate to the interviewer that you have put a lot of thought into your preparation.

  • Be smart, punctual and friendly

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    This one should be a given but it is worth repeating. You are presenting yourself to the interviewer as a potential employee so you must put your best self forward! Ensure you are dressed and presented well and arrive to the interview in plenty of time (this will also help you stay calm!).

  • Interact with the interviewers

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    A good interview is more likely to take the form of a conversation rather than be 30 minutes to an hour of you sitting there answering questions. Okay, you need to understand that the interviewer should be the more dominant voice in the room but if you have questions you should ask them as they come up, don't just wait until the end to ask them. You should appear interested in what they have to say and ensure you are interacting with them throughout by making eye contact and speaking directly to them, all of them if there is more than one

  • Be honest

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    Never lie in an interview. You will always get found out in the long run and the outcome will always be bad if you do get caught lying. The worst case scenario is for you to get the job based on a lie and then to be sacked when you are found out; there is no coming back from it. Obviously you should do your best to emphasize your best traits and reduce the negative impact of revealing a weakness but doing this in an honest manner is likely to be appreciated by the interviewer.

  • Take your time

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    This one is last but definitely not least! You should take the time to think of your answer so you are able to deliver it in a clear and concise manner. By giving yourself time to structure your answer you are more likely to get across your key points. Avoid talking too quickly and straying away from the question at all costs! It will make you appear nervous and weak even if you make some good points in your answer.

  • Stay calm, be confident and enjoy it!

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    At ANS we work closely with all of our candidates and make sure they are well prepared going in to an interview. We recommend serious preparation and a mock interview where possible as it helps to get you in the right mind-set and gives you the best possible chance of landing your dream job. If you need help in your job search call and speak to one of our consultants. We will always be happy to help!

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